Natural Herpes Treatment Methods

Is there a cure for herpesOne of our blogs addressed the question, “Is There  Cure For Herpes?”.  The normal response from a typical medical practitioner will always be no. However, there are natural remedies that have claimed to eliminate herpes entirely or at least stemmed the outbreaks that lead to embarrassing situations. One thing for certain, the symptoms and outbreaks can be managed, as well as the risk of spreading, through proper use of medicines and ointments, some synthetic and others natural.  Our entire emphasis on this site is to provide the natural methods, as these are virtually free from side-effects.  Let’s review some herpes treatment methods.

We’ve already addressed some of the symptoms in another blog, but here are a few more that you may experience:

  • Pain and difficulty passing urine
  • Pain in your back and around your neck
  • Both of the above may or may not be accompanied by fever

If you visit a doctor, you should be able to receive the best medicinal ointments and prescriptions based upon your past medical history.  This medicine will help mitigated the effects of the outbreaks quickly, but you may suffer some side-effects.  Some short term, some long.  Examples of some prescriptions to help alleviate the outbreaks are Acyclovir, Famiclovir and Valacyclovir.

This is fine for that “quick fix” treatment, but for long-term care, going for an all natural herpes cure is the healthiest way.    

So what are the natural treatment for herpes?

  • Keep the surface of the skin clean by using warm water and soap.
  • Dry the washed area quickly by using a clean towel or hair dryer.
  • Once dried, apply a topical natural ointment, or a petroleum jelly to prevent scarring
  • If the affected area is going to come in contact with clothing, wear cotton.
  • Avoid synthetic fibers.

Some recommended ointments, besides petroleum jelly are Prunella Vulgaris and Rozites Caperata.  Echinacea is also used in the treatment of herpes outbreaks.

This site provides these alternative, tried and tested methods.  Check back frequently as when new proven products become available they will be listed here.  All come with their standard 60 day no-hassle money back guarantee.  Just click the titles to be taken to their pages.

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