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Hi, my name is Mike Turner and let me start off by stating that I am not a licensed professional qualified to provide treatment of any kind.

I started this site to inform people that there are alternatives to traditional medicine.  Let me preface to say that there are still many medical practitioners that have the best interests of people’s health in mind.  Unfortunately, due to the high costs of earning a medical degree, many practitioners are locked into providing the type of treatment that satisfies the cost of their education, practice, equipment, overhead, the luring tentacles of the big pharmaceuticals, health care and their lifestyles.  To satisfy all of this, some practitioners compromise their values and fall prey to the materialistic snare of being opportunists at the expense of the unlearned.  I know this sounds like some amateur rant, but as I looked back over the last twenty years of losing loved ones and friends from some very questionable actions, I began a trek to better understand the medical and pharmaceutical industry.  Not just the traditional understanding of what we’ve learned through school or media, but the real “behind the scenes” motivation that fuels the industry, in other words “profits”.

This may appear shocking as we would like to believe that it’s for the benefit of us all, but unfortunately it’s not.  Ask yourself….what single domestic expense is responsible for a large number of the bankruptcies.  What about the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, commonly referred to and known as the CDC?  Wouldn’t a more appropriate title be Centers for Disease Eradication if they truly wanted to eliminate diseases?  Control infers that the disease remains and we manage it.  Even the addition of the word Prevention to their title still does not convey eradication?  If you eliminate the diseases, the medical and pharmaceutical industries will lose their billion dollar generating industry.  Think about it.

I hope this planted a seed in your thinking process because there’s a lot more wrong with so-called traditional medicine.  That is why I started this site.  One, of soon to be, hopefully, many that will provide alternative, holistic methods that are much safer and free of side affects.  Let’s return to the medicine that nature provided us and put away the synthetic knock offs that increase the level of toxicity in our bodies that bring on harmful side-effects, which, by the way, the big pharmaceuticals know about and love.  Why?  Because they’re going to give you the next synthetic knock off to counter that side effect and so on and so on and so on………. One just needs to open their own medicine cabinet to see the proof.  Let’s stop feeding the beast!



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